Debra Barber

Donor Spotlight: Debra Barber

May 11, 2023

Debra Barber graduated from The School of the Brown County Ursulines in 1972. BCU was a highly regarded boarding school that operated from 1845 to 1981 adjacent to Sacred Heart Chapel on the grounds of St. Martin, Ohio, campus of The Chatfield Edge. The school attracted girls from New York, California, Canada, South America, and places in between whose parents wanted them to receive a rich educational experience and Christian values.

Debra later took summer classes at Chatfield College to help her complete her undergraduate degree on time after she missed a semester amid health concerns.

Why does Debra support The Chatfield Edge?

Today, Debra serves on the BCU Alumni Association (BCUAA) board, which sponsors several scholarships for The Chatfield Edge.

“Chatfield has always been very important to me. It has a place in my heart,” reflected Debra.

When Chatfield College announced its transition to The Chatfield Edge, Debra was excited.

“We’ve concentrated so much on college for people, but we really need a diversity of trades and professions. So, I’m excited that The Edge will be helping people get into trade and apprenticeships and the jobs we need every day.”

Debra graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Graduate degree in Special Education and served as an educator for decades. She started her teaching career at West Clermont Elementary School, then worked at the Springer School in Cincinnati for many years and completed her teaching career at Blanchester Local Schools.

What would you say to someone considering donating or volunteering time?

“I was a local farm girl, and there really weren’t a lot of options for education in this area,” said Debra. “I was afforded an excellent education and an excellent environment where I was exposed to so many things. Without that beginning and that foundation, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and that’s what I want to offer to people today.”

Debra is a donor and one of The Chatfield Edge’s first volunteer mentors.

“I always find I get more out of giving than what I’m actually giving. So, I can’t wait to get my first student to mentor and help along the way.”

Mentors are vital to the mission of The Chatfield Edge. Our mentors listen to and offer guidance in all phases of a student’s educational journey. By building solid relationships with their mentees, our mentors provide steady support that leads to lifelong success. To learn more about mentoring or giving opportunities at The Chatfield Edge, visit

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