Keeley Schurman

Student Profile: Keeley Schurman

May 11, 2023

Twenty-year-old Keeley Schurman grew up on her family’s farm in Hillsborough, Ohio. Many of her extended family members – aunts, uncles, and cousins – also lived on the property. So, she grew up in the center of a strongly bonded family.

Her goal in life is to make people smile and laugh. “It’s a different goal than most 20-year-olds. I found that out very quickly,” laughed Keeley.

Keeley credits her parents’ influence, particularly her dad, for the person she’s become. Her dad’s job in the family is to make everyone smile; she wants to follow in his footsteps.

Keeley says Chatfield is also like a family. “I feel so supported by them. When I started at Chatfield, I was not the me I am now. I didn’t believe in myself. I had no confidence. But I went there and had so much support; they knew what I could do the entire time. They taught me so many things that I will carry with me my entire life.”

Keeley is a current Chatfield Scholar and receives three scholarships from The Chatfield Edge: the BASF, John B. and Carrie Bickett Kiley, and Claire Castellini Thornton Wilger scholarships.

Keeley is using these scholarships to help pay for her classes at Northern Kentucky University, working toward a degree in art therapy with a minor in education.

“Dave Hesson (The Chatfield Edge Interim Director) calls me once a month, and I get emails from him a couple of times a month telling me that The Chatfield Edge is always going to be here for me. They support me, and they are proud of me – things that we don’t hear enough,” reflected Keeley.

Keeley plans to pay it forward through her work as an art teacher. And she is headed to Toledo to work as a camp counselor for the Girl Scouts this summer.

“As long as I am making someone feel better about themselves, I’ll be content.”

Keeley was among 13 Chatfield Scholars honored at the nonprofit’s spring brunch and fundraising campaign kickoff. Thanks to the generosity of 35 donors and one foundation, $48,615 has been raised toward a goal of $100,000 to help students like Keeley.

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