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Mentors are key to the mission of The Chatfield Edge. Our mentors listen to and offer guidance in all phases of a student’s educational journey including Educational Endeavors (preparing to enroll in college, trade school or a certificate program) and Future Now (coaching during coursework, career support, and skills for life beyond education). By building strong relationships with their mentees, our mentors provide steady support that leads to lifelong success.


Mentors are assigned one student with whom they meet four times throughout each semester for roughly one hour per meeting. The initial meeting is at The Chatfield Edge in Brown County, Ohio, with subsequent meetings at a public place determined by the mentor and mentee.


The Chatfield Edge provides a training session as well as a kickoff gathering where you meet your mentee. Our staff is available to answer questions, sit in on meetings, and provide ongoing support to mentors.

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Qualities of a good mentor

Qualities of a good mentor

Active listener






Skills Needed

Skills Needed

Ability to listen and provide feedback

Capacity to build trust

Competence in goal setting

Knack for problem solving

Willingness to be open and share one's experience

Rewards of Mentoring

Rewards of Mentoring

Appreciation of how your skills can benefit others

Building new relationships

Fulfillment gained by giving back to the community

Gaining new perspectives