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Scholar Spotlight: Kaylie Helton

March 5, 2024

March is Oral Health Month, and we are excited to spotlight Chatfield Edge Scholar Kaylie Helton, who is on her way to becoming a dental hygienist.

A lifelong resident of Cincinnati, Kaylie is drawn to happiness and helping people feel confident. “I picked dental hygiene because I am fascinated with oral health and the impact it has on a person’s overall well-being,” she said.

Currently taking required college courses at the University of Cincinnati – Blue Ash, Kaylie hopes to be accepted into the dental hygiene program next year. She believes that support from The Chatfield Edge is essential to helping her get there.

Like many Chatfield Edge Scholars, Kaylie knows that pursuing her education will lead to the life she envisions but recognizes that she lacks the support necessary to get there. After a friend told her about Chatfield, she met with David Hesson, Director of Programs, and knew immediately that she wanted to be part of the community.

A self-described over achiever who often finds there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish her goals, Kaylie struggles with maintaining work-life balance, time management, and financial pressures as she pursues post-secondary education.

Financially independent, Kaylie works part-time as a lifeguard to support herself, but needs additional support to stay in school.  She views the close-the-gap scholarship funding that she receives from The Chatfield Edge as a vote of confidence in her ability and greatly values the other resources the organization provides.

“The Chatfield Edge is like a secret weapon for success,” she said. “Going into my education, I had no idea where to start and David pointed me in the right direction. The Chatfield Edge offers unique opportunities and resources that enhance my learning experience and help me feel more prepared. They empower me, build my confidence, and push me to aim higher.”

Just as Kaylie wants to impact the overall well-being of others in her future career as a dental hygienist, the staff and mentors at The Chatfield Edge stand ready to support first-generation and underserved students who are looking to attend trade school, a certificate programs, or college/university. We offer guidance, scholarships, mentoring, and opportunities to engage with the community, giving our scholars an edge – The Chatfield Edge.

If you are ready to start your educational journey and need support, reach out to us today on our website ( or by calling us at 513-875-3344. We look forward to bringing you into our Chatfield community!