Hispanic and Latino student

Serving Cincinnati’s Fast-Growing Hispanic and Latino Population

September 5, 2023

Ohio’s Hispanic and Latino population has grown by 63.4% since 2000, according to the Greater Cincinnati Latino Coalition, and in Cincinnati, this population is young, with almost half under the age of 18.

Every immigrant’s story about why they left their home country to come to the United States is unique. And every Hispanic and Latino in the U.S. has a diverse range of experiences and skills. The one common denominator among this fast-growing population in the United States is that everyone must learn our country’s unique systems for living life, from enrolling in school to obtaining health insurance to getting a driver’s license.

Navigating the post-secondary education system in the U.S. can be confusing enough for lifelong citizens. People for whom English is not their first language or who are first-generation immigrants from another country often face greater challenges which is why the Chatfield Edge wants to support Hispanic and Latino scholars on the road to reaching their educational dreams.

While some challenges Hispanic and Latino scholars face in attaining a postsecondary education are unique and require specialized assistance, such as language barriers, others are quite common.


Among Latinos who do not have a bachelor’s degree and are not enrolled in school, 71% say a major or minor reason is that they need to work to support their families and don’t have time to pursue their education, according to the Pew Research Center.

Assisting first-generation and non-traditional students with paying for their post-secondary education is one way The Chatfield Edge assists our program participants.

There are many sources of funding available – from federal financial aid to private scholarships. We meet with each of our scholars to help them identify the sources most appropriate for them and then work with them, one-on-one, to gather all the documentation necessary to apply for the funding, fill out the applications, and help keep them on track to meet deadlines. Our experienced staff and volunteers have helped hundreds of students fill out these forms and are extremely knowledgeable about the sometimes-complex process.

In addition to education funding, The Chatfield Edge connects its scholars to vital community resources to assist with challenges such as childcare or elder care, transportation, mental health support, affordable housing, food insecurity, and more.

First Generation

Up to 70% of Hispanic and Latino students who enroll in post-secondary education are first-generation students. Being the first person in your family to try something different comes with its unique challenges. This is something in which The Chatfield Edge specializes – guiding first-generation students to post-secondary education success.

Some research has found that racial and ethnic stereotyping in high school may lead to Hispanic and Latino students being designated as “non-college-bound” from the outset. Without a guidance counselor or knowledgeable family member to turn to for post-secondary career advice, it can be extremely difficult to take a leap into the unknown.

The Education Endeavors service from The Chatfield Edge seeks to fill that gap. Our team conducts interests and goals assessments with our scholars and works with them to explore educational opportunities that support their career and life ambitions through program visits, intake interviews, and meetings.

The Chatfield Edge is committed to supporting our scholars well beyond the applications and admissions processes. Our Future Now services include partnering every scholar in our program with a mentor and assisting with job readiness, financial management, self-care, and spiritual support.

Further Resources

Greater Cincinnati’s Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 – October 15. Learn more about this effort and other resources and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati Community dedicated to supporting our Hispanic and Latino neighbors:

The Greater Cincinnati Latino Coalition – cincinnatilatino.org

Su Casa Hispanic Center – ccswoh.org

Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati – hispanicchambercinicinnati.com

Santa Maria Community Services – santamaria-cincy.org

Community Action Agency – cincy-caa.org

If you are a Hispanic or Latino community member or a first-generation or non-traditional student, The Chatfield Edge wants to meet you. We are here to help you gain success in life through education. If you have questions, contact our director of programs, David Hesson, at David.hesson@chatfieldedge.org or 513-875-3344.