Chatfield College’s Nun Run 5K Race Biggest One Yet

On Saturday, July 20th, more than 145 signed up to participate in Chatfield’s annual Nun Run 5k at the St. Martin Campus. This race, which is run primarily around Chatfield’s historic campus, has steadily grown since 2012—the first year it was held. Going into race day, the pre-registration number was higher than it had ever been, so hopes were high that last year’s number would be surpassed. Many new faces visited campus for the first time and got a little taste of the great history and peaceful atmosphere the grounds exude.

“We are thrilled with this year’s turnout. We were afraid that the excessive heat would keep people away, but it didn’t stop them!” said Brianna Houchens, race director. “Even better, everyone seemed to have a great time, and seeing the smiles on everyone’s face, makes the hard work all worth it and lets you know the event was a success.”

Plaques were awarded to the overall first place female and male runner and female and male walker.  Marty Zumbiel of Monroe won this year’s Nun Run with a time of 18:58, while Morgan Walsh of Batavia finished first in the women’s run division and fourth overall with a time of 19:46. Gary Exaver, Sardinia, took first place in the walk division for another consecutive year with a time of 36:03, while Laura Knisley of Lynchburg finished first for the women’s walk division with a time 41:17.

“I work Saturday’s now but I make sure to take off work so I can do Chatfield’s Nun Run every year,” said Gary Exaver. “It’s such a great race.”

New this year, the Fun Run for kids 12 and under was also a big hit. The quarter-mile course around the pond in front of Chatfield’s Sacred Heart Chapel was run by 12 kids.  Jesse Kennedy, 6, came in first place, followed by her sister Savannah Kennedy, 10, and Samantha Freeman, 10, finished in third place. Finishers first through third received medals, and all participants were given ribbons.


Medals were also awarded to the top three finishers in each age group. The running awards are as follows:

Female Under 13: Annie Collins 1st

Male Under 13:
Ben Trumble 1st, Vince Collins 2nd, Blade Hartley 3rd

Female 14 – 19: Anya Martin 1st, Autumn Boothby 2nd, Trinity Donahue 3rd

Male 14 – 19:
Tanner Creager 1st, Ryan Cooper 2nd, Dustin Jimison 3rd

Female: 20 – 29: Christine Moon 1st, Megan Swope 2nd, Lindsay Buten 3rd

Male 20 – 29: Foster Martin 1st, Greg Kable 2nd

Female 30 – 39: Leah Mysock 1st, Leslie Holbrook 2nd, Maryalice Hartley 3rd

Male 30 – 39:
Michael Meiser 1st,  Brad Fitzpatrick 2nd,  Eric Brink 3rd

Female 40 – 49: Sherri Kennedy 1st, Christine Halker 2nd

Male 40 – 49: Kris Cooper 1st, Tom Donahue 2nd, Brad Sackrider 3rd

Female 50 – 59: Vicki Carrington 1st, Lisa Cannon 2nd, Sherill Schottelkot 3rd

Male 50 – 59: Jeff Patton 1st, Doug Martin 2nd, Todd Schmidgall 3rd

Female 60 – 69: Judith Peelman 1st, Monica Holmback 2nd, Patricia Hatten 3rd

The top three walker awards, male and female combined, in each category were as follows:

Ages 1 – 19: Traben Gahafer 1st,  Will Koenig 2nd, Brody Feldhaus 3rd

Ages: 20 – 29: Emilia Knisley 1st,  Mallory Mullenix 2nd, Jessica Powell 3rd

Ages 30 – 39: Michelle Feldhaus 1st,  Patricia Brink 2nd, Justin Holbrook 3rd

Ages 40 – 49: Kim Cooper 1st,  Jennifer Collier 2nd, Sandy Houk 3rd

Ages 50 – 59: Sandra Martin 1st,  Mary Birck 2nd,  John Nordmeyer 3rd

Ages 60 – 69: Maureen Bates 1st, Linda Call 2nd, Denise Gregory 3rd

Ages 70 – 99: Ruth Homan 1st,  Jim Neu 2nd

Sponsors who made the race possible included Alumni of the School of the Brown County Ursulines, Terry’s Pizza, Birck for Judge, Den’s Body Shop, Hunter Consulting, Healthsource of Ohio, Sum Place Else Bar, Houk’s Jeep, Kiley’s Market, Village Pizzeria, Curative Printing, and First State Bank. To see pictures of the event and check the results, go to Chatfield College’s Facebook page or to Chatfield’s website at



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