Chatfield College Teams Up with the Athenaeum’s LPMP

2043477264_2016 Jan Chatfield web newsThe Lay Pastoral Ministry Program (LPMP) and Chatfield College have entered into a cooperative agreement which will award graduates who have earned an LPMP non-degreed Certificate up to 24 college credit hours toward an Associate of Arts degree.

“The formal articulation agreement between the Athenaeum and Chatfield is exciting for both institutions, and especially for our students,” said LPMP Director Dr. Susan McGurgan. “It acknowledges the rigor and quality of the LPMP Certificate as meeting undergraduate college equivalency. It also streamlines the process of applying the LPMP Certificate toward official college credits. We hope this news will encourage some graduates of the LPMP Certificate option to pursue an undergraduate degree through Chatfield and its four-year partner institutions.”

The new articulation agreement completes one of the goals for the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program outlined in the Athenaeum’s Long Range Plan. It is the result of collaboration among Chatfield College representatives, Academic Dean Alan Simmons and Success Counsellor Charles Guarino and Athenaeum representatives, Academic Dean Rev. Earl Fernandes and Dr. McGurgan.

“As a Catholic college, this agreement is a significant and valued partnership for Chatfield,” said Alan Simmons, Dean. “We are thrilled to work with the Athenaeum to offer LPMP graduates the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts at Chatfield College.”

The agreement was signed by Athenaeum President Rev. Benedict O’Cinnsealaigh and Chatfield College President John Tafaro. A steadfast advocate of Catholic education, Mr. Tafaro currently serves as a member of the Athenaeum Board of Trustees and chair of the Board Academic Affairs Committee.

“Since becoming president of Chatfield, John has proven that he is not only an exceptional administrator but a visionary and true innovator in promoting education for all. Through his work in making a Chatfield Catholic education more accessible, he is bringing to life the deepest values of the Ursuline sisters and the Church,” said Fr. O’Cinnsealaigh. “I congratulate all those involved in bringing this agreement to completion and pray it bears much fruit.”

Chatfield College has two locations, the St. Martin campus in St. Martin, Ohio (Brown County) as well as a new Cincinnati campus located in Over-the-Rhine.

LPMP students and graduates interested in learning more about the new opportunity for college credit should contact the LPMP office: 513-231-1200 or email

Photo Credit (left to right): Athenaeum President Rev. Benedict O’Cinnsealaigh and Chatfield College President John Tafaro at the signing on January 15, 2016.

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