Endowed Scholarships

An Endowed Scholarship provides an opportunity for a donor to leave a permanent legacy through a named scholarship to benefit generations of students served by Chatfield’s mission.

  • Minimum principal of $25,000. A gift of $25,000 for an endowed scholarship will provide an annual scholarship of $1,000 (assuming a conservative rate of return of 5%).
  • The donor(s) can add to the endowment at any time and roll the additional financial returns back into the principal amount each year to grow the scholarship.
  • Donor(s) can specify restrictions (consistent with curriculum and mission of Chatfield) on the award and name of the scholarship. Chatfield will set the academic criteria for the award.

To establish an endowed scholarship, please contact the Director of Development, Kelly Waston at 513-875-3344, ext.117 or kelly.watson@chatfield.edu

Contributing to an existing endowed scholarship

Anyone can contribute to an existing endowed scholarship at The Chatfield Edge. Contact the Director of Development, Kelly Waston at 513-875-3344, ext.117 or kelly.watson@chatfield.edu.

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