Pathway to Business

Chatfield’s business pathway combines the liberal arts core with business courses that provide skills that can make students more productive in their current jobs and expand opportunities for new positions.

Students are also prepared to transfer to four-year institutions to continue their education toward a bachelor’s degree in a business program. Students are often urprised to find the opportunities the AA liberal arts degree jobs that are available to them.

Chatfield College graduates who choose the business pathway go on to:

  • be leaders in their communities.
  • own their own businesses.
  • take on management roles in their companies.
  • earn promotions within their companies.
  • earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees from many colleges and universities.

Course Requirements

Please note that pathways are not majors or minors.  They are a focused way to complete your elective requirements for an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts.


Chatfield College and the University of Cincinnati-Linder College of Business have an articulation agreement for students who graduate from Chatfield with an AA in Liberal Arts and completed the business pathway. Click here to learn how you can gain direct admittance to one of the area’s best business schools.

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