Why Online?

October 22, 2018

Good question! Colleges and universities all over the country are working to create better and more meaningful online learning opportunities for their students. Chatfield began offering online classes this past January and they have become very popular! The rationale behind offering Chatfield classes online is simple: online courses empower students by eliminating the problems associated with rigid class times and transportation to and from school. Colleges across the country recognize that students are choosing their school for many reasons, including the support they receive given their other responsibilities. Life profiles of today’s students everywhere, including Chatfield, show that many have jobs, families and other circumstances that make attending face-to-face classes on a campus difficult. Students desire more flexibility and accessibility to reach their educational goals. At Chatfield, we want to meet the needs of our students. Online course offerings will allow us to be sensitive to those needs and allow students to receive personalized access to learning at any time and from anywhere.

Caitlin Tucker, an expert and advocate of blended and online learning, identifies that future employers want to hire students who can communicate effectively, think critically, work collaboratively and leverage technology successfully. At Chatfield, we are committed to putting students at the center of their learning and helping them develop these 21st-century skills that are critical to future success. By creating online learning opportunities at Chatfield, we give our students flexible solutions to help them meet their goals and achieve a better future.

Done well, online education can provide a personalized learning culture that encourages student choice in the learning process. Students can expect that the online courses offered at Chatfield will be intentionally designed with the same support and interaction with instructors that they experience in their traditional face-to-face classes at either campus. Students will be challenged online to work in collaboration with other students and the instructor to deepen their understanding and application of course concepts and to meet learning objectives.

If interested in taking an online course this spring, check out what’s being offered. To register, contact your academic advisor or your site director.

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