The Importance of a Mentor

April 26, 2018

Having a mentor in both high school and college has been an absolutely great experience. I have learned so much from being a mentee.  I have learned to become comfortable talking to people, to look at things from a different perspective, and why helping others is important.

I started out as a mentee by accident in high school. My teacher had set up a separate meeting for another girl and a mentor, but unfortunately, the student didn’t make it. I wasn’t prepared to meet with anyone that day, but when my teacher asked me if I would be interested in having a mentor, I said yes. I never had a mentor before and I wanted to see what it was like.

The first meeting I was completely unprepared and underdressed. I wanted to make a great first impression, but I had no idea what to expect or what to talk about. The meeting went a lot better than what I expected—we talked a lot about my past and what I wanted for the future. When talking to my first mentor, I felt a sense of ease that I could be completely honest and not have to worry about being judged. I felt like I didn’t have to hide in a shell. He encouraged me to go to college and to pursue a good career of my choosing (I’m very indecisive and mentioned a few things I’d like to pursue).

I took the advice of my mentor and enrolled in Chatfield College after graduating from high school. I have been attending for a year now and decided to join the mentoring program on campus. My current mentor has already done so much to help me. Her companionship has helped me so much, and I know she is always around if I have any questions or need any advice. She has pushed to do what is best for me because most of the time, I try to take on too much and I become overwhelmed. She has told me sometimes it’s better to take a step back to look at everything to see what is more important to focus on.

Since I’ve been a mentee, I have learned to look at every situation to make sure I get the best outcome. Being a mentee has definitely changed my life for the better, and I can’t thank my mentors enough. Mentors are such amazing people and they showed me why helping others gives life meaning and hope. I would recommend a mentor to absolutely anyone and everyone. Chatfield’s mentoring program is very accessible and works around each individual’s schedule. If you are struggling in a class or just need someone to talk to, I would suggest signing up for a mentor. Not only can a mentor help guide you academically, they can also be a great place to go for advice or encouragement in any of life’s troubles.  To become a mentee or to learn more, visit

-Courtney Sedgwick, St. Martin student

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