Student Profile Terry Weathersby

July 23, 2019

Terry Weathersby, a student at the Over-the-Rhine (OTR) campus, is spending her summer interning with BASF, the world’s largest Chemical Company. BASF is headquartered in Germany, but maintains extensive US operations, including in Wyandot, Michigan, where Terry works.  BASF has been a great partner of Chatfield College over the years, providing funding for the state-of-the-art, BASF science lab at the OTR campus, as well supporting multiple annual scholarships for the past five years.  Terry is the second Chatfield student to receive an internship from BASF.

Terry heard about the internship from her advisor, and after applying, was chosen for the position over many applicants. She has many responsibilities with the company, including working in the Supply Chain, Environmental Health Safety (EHS), and Administrating Management departments. Knowing this internship experience would be great for her resume and future career choice, she also wanted to take advantage of a great new start in the work force, the communication & people skills it would provide, and many good networking opportunities.

Thus far, Terry’s internship has provided her with many useful skills and experiences. In her role in the Supply Chain, Terry imports, separates, dates, and places documents into the correct banker boxes and sends them to Ice Mountain, a vendor that work closely with BASF. With EHS, she makes safety posters for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and is revising the safety grid.  The Administrative Management (AM) aspect of the job calls for her to oversee the documentation and standard operating procedures (SOP) and import them into BASF’s weekly checklist system.

“One of the most challenging parts of the internship is learning all the acronyms the BASF employees speak in daily. Although my days can be very high, I really like my supervisors and fellow employees. Everyone has been understanding and will go out of their ways to help me get the hang of everything,” said Terry.

Terry has had big dreams for her future for years and coming to Chatfield has helped her achieve some of those dreams. Outside of the classroom, Terry is a member of the Student Service Club, which serves the student body as well as the community. Despite her need to overcome physical and emotional obstacles, Terry has not let anything stop her from being an exceptional student. She has been living with Dystonia since she was 13 years old, a disease that affects the cerebellum and the nervous system in the body, causing issues with speech, balance, and gait. The disease has made life difficult for Terry, and many people did not believe she could accomplish in life what she has thus far. And it hasn’t stopped her yet! Earning a college degree will make her dream of getting off welfare a reality, and a dream no longer.

After graduating from Chatfield College, Terry plans to attend mortuary school to train to become a diener.  A diener is a morgue worker responsible for performing after-death procedures on decedents’ remains. Although this career choice may seem unusual to many, Terry finds the science behind it interesting and has planned this to be her future occupation since she was a little girl.

“My future is bright. I’ve had a lot of family support from my four sons, my mother, and my brothers and sisters. I thank them for their love and support by working hard and becoming successful. Coming to college has been a challenge but I like a challenge. I never back down because I know deserve the best,” she said.

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