Student Profile- Maria Bockhorst, ’17

June 1, 2017

  • Secretary of the Chatfield Student Service Club
  • Member of the Julia Chatfield Honor Society (3.9 GPA)
  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa
  • National Honor Society member
  • Math tutor for Chatfield’s Peer Tutoring program
  • Austin E. Knowlton Scholar
  • Nanny of two boys, one of whom is special needs
  • Preschool Sunday School & Youth Group leader at St. Louis Church
  • American Heritage Girl leader
    Ever since I was in first grade, I have wanted to become a teacher. I would come home from school and play school with my American Girl dolls and sometimes my siblings. I loved being able to teach them and have that impact. This love for teaching most likely came from my mom who is currently a preschool teacher. I have always admired her and how much she has positively affected her students’ lives. I want to have that same influence in a child’s life. I want to be the person who shapes children’s lives, helps them grow, and helps them learn.

    I started my college journey my junior year of high school as a College Credit Plus student at UC Clermont. After the first semester, however, I wanted to make a change, so I switched here to Chatfield. I chose Chatfield for a couple minor reasons like the smaller campus, the smaller class sizes, and how close the campus is to my house. As well as for some major reasons like, for one, the homey feeling Chatfield provides with faculty and staff who know each student and the comfortable, welcoming campus.  And lastly, I stand strong in my Catholic faith and Chatfield, being a Catholic College, made it quite impossible to say no to a transfer.

    I spent the last three semesters of high school taking classes here and I am extremely grateful for having Chatfield a part of my college path. I am glad that I became a part of this college community because Chatfield has brought me many memories and experiences that I will miss dearly. From the professors and staff who care so deeply about their students to the friendships made within this campus, Chatfield has definitely earned a space in my heart. However, none of this would be true if I didn’t receive the Austin E. Knowlton Scholarship.

    When I started attending Chatfield, I knew that after I graduated high school, I would have to transfer because I wouldn’t be able to afford attending Chatfield full time. That was hard for me to grasp since I fell in love with Chatfield as soon as I stepped foot on campus. I was pushed to apply for scholarships just to see if there was a chance of me staying. I applied for every scholarship that I could, and I wrapped my head around the fact that I most likely would still have to transfer.
    Last spring, my high school held a college fair that included Chatfield College. I didn’t bother to stop by their booth, knowing that I had my heart, in that moment, set on the University of Cincinnati. To my surprise, however, I was informed by a friend that I had received the Knowlton Scholarship and a quick trip to the booth made it a reality!
    By receiving this scholarship, I was able to finish my journey at Chatfield and stay in the close, comfortable atmosphere that the Chatfield campus provides. I made a lot of lasting friendships, and became part of an amazing college community.

    In the fall, I will continue my journey at Wilmington College to earn a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with endorsements in Reading, Math, and Special Education for grades 1-4.  None of what I have achieved this far in my educational journey would be possible without Chatfield and the financial contribution from the Austin E. Knowlton Scholarship and I am truly thankful.

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