Student Profile- Hunter Ellis

March 13, 2019

Every college campus has them—the student who goes above and beyond, is always busy with some activity or club, and helps rally the other students behind a cause. Hunter Ellis is that student at Chatfield College’s St. Martin campus.

Coming to Chatfield as a College Credit Plus (CCP) student as just a sophomore in high school, Hunter was ready to begin college. He was motivated to take advantage of the CCP program as a freshman because it offers free college credit to high school students, but his mother, a 1999 graduate of Chatfield, thought he should wait another year. Even though Hunter was ready for the challenge of attending college while in high school, he didn’t want to go somewhere big and overwhelming. He found Chatfield to be the perfect fit for him.

“I love the Ursuline legacy at Chatfield, and all the rich history in this beautiful campus. It’s hard not to feel at home when you are here, and family-like atmosphere makes you feel very supported,” Hunter shared.

Once enrolled, Hunter wasted no time in getting involved. As he excelled in academics, he also had a desire to get involved and make connections on campus. Through his couple of years here, the list of clubs in which he was a member continued to grow. Hunter is a member of the national Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the Chatfield Historical Society, the Chess Club, the Drama Club, a co-founder of Chatfield Youth Ministries, and the president of Chatfield Student Leadership Club.

Although he is active in all the above-mentioned groups, Hunter has made impressive achievements in Student Leadership. Although this group existed in the past, the goals and mission have been re-envisioned with Hunter’s help. Following his initiative, the group has begun visiting the Ohio Veteran’s Home in Georgetown on a monthly basis, has successfully planned and hosted a Fall festival two years in a row, and continues to offer lunches to students and on-campus activities like this month’s Table Tennis Tournament. One major project with Hunter’s name on it is the revitalization of the tennis court on campus. Many of the proceeds the group has raised are to be dedicated to this effort, along with some grant writing and fundraising by the students themselves.

Hunter said, “I think it’s important we show pride in our campus, and I’m excited to leave something for future students to enjoy after we are gone. The extracurricular activities I have participated in are a big part of my Chatfield experience and help me contribute to something bigger than myself.”

Hunter will graduate from both high school and Chatfield this spring. He plans to continue his education at Xavier University with a focus in politics. He wants to go to law school and one day run for public office, maybe even Senator he says. In the meantime, Hunter would also like to volunteer with local ministries and youth sports leagues.

“The people I have meant during my time at Chatfield, both my instructors and friends, have helped me grow as a person,” Hunter said.

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