President Elmore Speaks About Future Plans for Chatfield

February 25, 2020

Originally published by Wayne Gates, News Democrat

Elmore discussed his new job in an exclusive interview with The News Democrat.

“It’s exciting. I am ready to go. It’s a lot of hard work and long hours, but it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. You really get regenerated when you see those graduates walk across the stage,” Elmore said.

When asked about future plans for Chatfield, Elmore said that there are some exciting changes coming.

“We have more programs on the way, including Early Childhood Education and Human Services. We have those programs developed and we are looking for our accreditors to come in and take a look at them,” Elmore said.

“We are also looking at a collaboration with other institutions for technology programs. We are very close to finalizing an agreement to be able to offer that at our campuses.”

Technology is also being considered that will help students save time and money.

“We are also looking at ways to improve the ways we teach and learn and connect with our students. We are exploring the idea of digital textbooks to make things easier and more affordable for our students,” Elmore said.

“Online courses are growing more popular. We have been teaching online for two years now and we are noticing that a more students are becoming interested in those types of courses. We want to expand that market and be more accommodating to our students.”

Elmore continued a theme of putting students first.

“I am very interested in helping students succeed. I think our students are special in that we have a mixed population of students. We have a lot of younger college credit plus students at our St. Martin campus and a lot of adult students at our Over-The-Rhine campus.”

Elmore said that Chatfield has a unique way to make sure those students are getting the attention they need.

“We have a mentoring program is designed to help students through those times of doubt. They are volunteers in the communities from both campuses. I think it’s something that sets us apart.”

As far as other future plans, Elmore said that Chatfield will be looking at trying to find extension classrooms in Clermont County to help reach the population there.

“I also plan to have some town halls for feedback from staff, faculty and students. I also like to get to know people by name and get to know them. You have to make the effort to make sure people know who you are,” Elmore said.

He added that he is looking forward to a special celebration later this year.

“This fall, the Ursulines of Brown County will celebrate 175 years in the community. So we are going to have a huge celebration with their alumni association. We have been very fortunate to have their legacy to follow,” Elmore said.

Robert P. Elmore’s formal investiture as President of Chatfield Collage will be held April 17 from 3 to 5 pm at Ursuline Academy in Blue Ash.

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Robert P. Elmore has been named President of Chatfield College by the college board of trustees.

Elmore, had previously served as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Chatfield since 2014. He becomes the sixth President in the college’s 48-year history.

“We are extremely excited to have Robert Elmore leading us in the coming years. We were very pleased to have a number of very talented candidates to consider for the position, but Robert was the clear choice. His leadership skills and enthusiasm will serve Chatfield well,” said William Montague, Chair of Chatfield’s Board of Trustees.

Elmore was chosen among six finalists who were named from 115 applications for the job.

According to Search Committee Chair and Board Vice Chair Victoria Parlin, “We undertook a national search to ensure that the next President of Chatfield would be positioned to lead the college in an era of change and challenges. We believe that we found the right person in Bob Elmore who has the experience, the vision, and the commitment to the mission of Chatfield which will make his tenure as president a transformative moment in the history of the college.”

As Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Elmore led the institution through major capital improvements including the historic renovation of the Over-the-Rhine campus, and more recently, the renovation of the Welcome Center at the St. Martin campus. Elmore also oversaw transformational improvement in the information technology capabilities of the institution that enabled the introduction of online learning and digital content delivery in the classroom, including an upgraded student information system.

“I am delighted and honored to be selected as the next president of Chatfield College and build on the success and legacy of the Ursulines of Brown County. I want to thank the search committee for their work and the Board of Trustees for their support as we work together to create more educational opportunities for people in the communities we serve,” Mr. Elmore said upon his being named the new president.

John Tafaro, Elmore’s predecessor said, “The Chatfield Board of Trustees has made an outstanding decision with its selection of Robert Elmore as the college’s sixth president. Bob’s skills, experience, and appreciation for Chatfield’s students and unique mission make him the perfect choice to lead this important Catholic institution of higher learning for the years to come.”

Mr. Elmore is a graduate of the University of Louisville and a Certified Public Accountant. He assumed his new role effective January 23, 2020. Elmore has 35 years of higher education experience and has held numerous leadership roles at various institutions and non-profit boards.

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