Summer Art Showcase Inspires The Chatfield Community

July 29, 2021–As the summer term comes to an end, our summer art students inspired our two campus communities by showcasing their works from the semester. The Cincinnati Campus students completed our Watercolor class. Student Donica Jones this class taught her to let go. “I had to learn to let go in this class. I wanted to make my paintings bright and kept adding paint, but I learned that using more water gave me more color,” said Donica. She added, “By taking this class, I did more than I thought I could do.” Ny’Ree McGuire, a College Credit Plus student said the watercolor class expanded her horizons. “I usually just do pencil drawings,” she said, “but I learned how to use watercolors and do different kinds of art.” Professor Reid Radcliffe complemented all his watercolor students and had strong encouragement for students like Ny’Ree who excels in drawing. “She’s hungry for art,” Reid said, “Ny’ree would stay after class and ask a lot of questions. She wants to grow and I hope that to see her in other art classes.”

At the St. Martin campus, students completed the Mixed Media class. Students also showcased their works of art to friends, family, and staff. Students told guests that they focused on adding depth and variety to their pieces.

Art plays a critical role in a liberal arts education. While most of the students will pursue careers outside of the art field, art teaches them the importance of using the right side of their brain, the creative side, and helps with creative problem-solving.

The fall term begins on August 23, 2021. Anyone interested in enrolling at Chatfield needs to apply by the deadline of August 18, 2021, at


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