Highest Participation Ever for Chatfield College’s 5K Nun Run

More than 100 runners and walkers ventured to Chatfield College in St. Martin to participate in the college’s annual 5K Run/Walk on July 22nd.

“What a great race this year, we had the highest registration ever! We decided to rename the race the Nun Run 5k to play off our Ursuline heritage, and we also thought it was pretty catchy! We got a lot of

positive feedback, so we hope to keep making the race better and better every year,” said Race Coordinator Brianna Houchens.

Trophies were awarded to the overall first place female and male runner and female and male walker.

Will Sacay, who was visiting from Shoreview, MN, took first place for the male runners.

“I really loved the course,” said Sacay.  “It was very hot and humid and I would love to come back when it was a little cooler!  I will for sure be back next year.

What a great community!”

Sophia Leto, a junior at Western Brown High School, captured first place for the female runners.

“The race itself was a blast and the course was very pretty, but for me, running the race was not only a time for me to focus and get some good training, but it was also a time to decompress,” said Leto.

For the second consecutive year, Gary Exaver, of Sardinia, took first place for the male walkers, while Janet Sandlin, of Fayetteville, finished first in the female walkers division.

Medals were also awarded to the top three finishers in each age group. The running awards are as follows:

Female 1-13: MacKenzie Voges-Pertuset 1st,  Kenna Stratton 2nd, Sidney Lofton, 3rd

Male 1-13: Ethan Sackrider 1st, Quinn Brown 2nd, Andrew Jenne 3rd

Female 14-19: Carson Jones 1st,  Madigan Marshall 2nd,  Maddy Whisman 3rd

Male 14-19: Chase Easterling 1st, Cy Young 2nd, Dustin Jimison 3rd

Female 20-29: Megan Eyre 1st, Madison Singler 2nd, Samantha Stratton  3rd

Male 20-29: Jacob Rodenheffer 1st, Anthony Terrones 2nd

Female 30-39: Christine Jones 1st, Mary Alice Hartley 2nd, Megan Motsinger 3rd

Male 30-39: Adam May 1st

Female 40-49: Kelly Boerger 1st, Michelle Leto 2nd, Tracianne Johnson 3rd

Male 40-49: Chad Sexton 1st ,  Nathan Hauke 2nd, Kris Cooper 3rd

Female 50-59: Cathy Everson 1st, Eileen Corcoran 2nd, Terri Lynn Brooks 3rd

Male 50-59: Roger Thornbury 1st, Mark Sacay 2nd, David Wahoff 3rd

Female 60-69: Cathie Hamann 1st

Male 60-69: Casey Huber 1st, Ralph Jennings 2nd, Robert Hottle 3rd


The top three walker awards in each category were as follows:

Female 1-29:  Emilia Knisley 1st, Mackenzie Tussey 2nd, Lindsey Tussey 3rd

Female 30-49: Laura Knisley 1st, Rae Roth 2nd, Patti Warren 3rd

Male 30-49:  Travis Peters 1st, Jim Ludwig 2nd, Zachary Seibert 3rd

Female 50-69:  Linda Sheperd 1st, Beverly Williams 2nd, Virginia Cronin 3rd

Male 50-69:  Gregg Levesque 1st, Richard Burwinkle 2nd, Bob Slone 3rd

Female Over 70:  Ruth Homan 1st, Mary Fest 2nd

Male Over 70:  Jim Neu 1st

Sponsors who made the race possible included Alumni of the School of the Brown County Ursulines, Den’s Body Shop, Hunter Consulting, Petco, Pepsi, Strategic Employee Benefit Services, and Kohn Wealth Management. To see pictures of the event and check the results, go to Chatfield College’s Facebook page or to Chatfield’s website at www.chatfield.edu/5k.


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