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Board of Trustees Approves New Strategic Plan

The board of trustees approved a strategic plan for Chatfield College that establishes three pillars that address life success, student support, and technology and sustainability. The plan includes intermediate goals on a path toward completion by 2030.

“As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year, I’m excited that the planning committee has created a strategic plan that will take Chatfield into the future, stronger than ever,” said President Robert Elmore. “I am thankful for the creativity and work of many individuals—including staff, volunteers, and board members—who have worked with great focus on the future of Chatfield for over the past year.”

The committee began the planning process in June 2020 with a future vision workshop leg by expert futurist, Joe Tanksersly. Using storytelling and research, the committee envisioned what the future will look like for prospective students by the year 2030 and used that as a guiding principle for creating strategies today for the needs of learners tomorrow.

Key pillars of the plan include:

  • Life Success.

Life success will continue to be based on one’s ability to foster strong interpersonal connections. Chatfield’s faith-based programs produce graduates who excel in communication, innovation, and adaptability. Strategies include: creation of a career services center to offer paid internships and coops; build Toastmasters International membership into curriculum; implement a formalized community service program.

  • Student Support

Student support initiatives provide resources for students so they have the ability to pursue their dreams. Strategies include: creation of one-stop student services center; evaluate curriculum and leverage technology to facilitate student learning; emergency childcare support; develop continuous education opportunities.

  • Technology + Sustainability

Technology + sustainability enables convenience services more than ever. Virtual learning is the norm. Chatfield leverages technology and operates sustainably. Strategies include: leveraging existing assets for income generation; modernize existing administration processes; creation of marketing plans that focus on enrollment growth.


News and Event Web Template (3)

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