Chatfield College Kicks-offs 50th Anniversary Celebration at 10th Annual Nun Run 5K

Chatfield College Kicks-offs 50th Anniversary Celebration at 10th Annual Nun Run 5K

  1. ST. MARTIN, Ohio—July 24, 2021. After a year of absence due to COVID-19, Chatfield College held its 10th annual Nun Run 5K with 123 participants. The event was also the official kick-off for Chatfield College’s 50th Anniversary year of celebration.

Chatfield College was founded in 1971 by the Ursulines of Brown County, who arrived at St. Martin, OH in 1845 at the invitation of Archbishop Purcell to form a school for girls. To provide education for the nuns, the Ursulines created the Ursuline Training Institute, which expanded to the public in 1971 and gained accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission to confer the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree. The 10th annual Nun Run 5K was chosen as the official kick-off for the 50th anniversary celebration since the Ursuline sisters started the college on the St. Martin campus grounds.

“We were pleased to welcome the community to the St. Martin campus for the Nun Run 5K this year,” said Chatfield president Robert Elmore, “Chatfield is part of the Ursuline legacy that began in 1845 when Sr. Julia Chatfield and her companions arrived in Brown County to start a school. We are excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary of bringing educational opportunities to students who need the high-touch approach that we’ve always provided.”

The top female and male runners of this year’s 5K were Emma Gundler of Columbus, OH, with a time of 25:41, and Ryan Cooper of Hamersville, OH, with a time of 17:25. The top female and male walkers were Gladys Powell of Fayetteville with a time of 42:18 and David Russell of Fairfield, OH with a time of 34:59.

Sponsors of the 2021 Nun Run 5K Run/Walk were the Brown County Ursulines Alumna Association, Roads Rivers and Trails, Tri-State Running Company, Kiley’s Market, and Running Time Race Services.

Ryan Cooper (left) of Hamersville, OH-Top Male Runner

Emma Gundler of Columbus, OH (left) -Top Female Runner

David Russell of Fairfield, OH (left) – Top Male Walker

Gladys Powell of Fayetteville, OH (left) – Top Female Walker

President Bob Elmore and Chatfield’s 2nd president, Sr. Ellen Doyle (OSU) celebrate Chatfield’s 50th Anniversary!


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