Guitar Students at Lessons and Carols

December 1, 2016

img_2455I was delighted when Dawn Hundley asked me to help with this year’s Christmas show, Lessons and Carols. I had already started my students in MUS150 and MUS1502 on playing several Christmas carols and so it was only natural to arrange to have each student play one Christmas song as a duet with me for the Christmas show.

The idea for doing Carol Of The Bells with the entire class came to me during Steven Fritz’ class.   Steven has taken almost 2 years of guitar classes at Chatfield College. Unfortunately, Steven has injured his right hand and will not be able to perform at the Lessons and Carols on Friday night. Steven’s input and participation in the rehearsals we have had has been important in our ability to put this all together for Friday’s show.

The parts for the arrangement of Carol Of The Bells that we are performing were written during each student’s weekly lessons and so each part is uniquely written for them with each student’s input on note choices and on the form of the arrangement. Each student has learned all the parts of the arrangement so that they would have a deeper understanding of each other’s parts and perform well together. I am so proud of the effort that each student has put towards putting together the music for this year’s Christmas show.

These are the students performing at Lessons and Carols Friday night –

Anna Nicole Howard is in her second semester of guitar classes at Chatfield College. Nicki loves img_3486modern rock and her favorite band is Black Veil Brides. She hopes to someday form a band as a lead singer and guitarist.

Chase Patterson is in his 1st semester at Chatfield College.  Chase played guitar for a few months before taking guitar classes at Chatfield. Chase is interested in modern rock and contemporary Christian music.

Margo Thompson is in her first semester of guitar classes at Chatfield College. Margo had no previous experience playing guitar before this semester. Margo’s family has a great history of musicians. Her grandfather & great uncle were in a band in the 1960s with John Scofield, who is now a world famous jazz guitarist. Margo is interested in playing all types of music with a emphasis on playing and singing country music.

James Evans is in his second year of guitar classes at Chatfield College. Jay became interested in playing guitar when his grandfather gave him his first acoustic guitar a few years ago. Recently, Jay got an electric guitar and his interest has grown even more. Jay is interested in playing all types of music with an emphasis on classic rock.

Ethan Griffin has been taking private lessons with me since the beginning of this summer 2016 in the enrichment program at Chatfield College. Ethan is 11 years old. After finishing the enrichment program, Ethan decided to continue private lessons with me. Ethan’s interest in playing guitar started from seeing his father play guitar night after night in the very successful local band called the Bar Codes. Ethan has even played with his dad’s band in concert! Ethan is interested in playing all kinds of music with an emphasis on playing classic rock guitar.

Alexis Dericks has been playing guitar since the beginning of this semester. Alexis has done an incredible job learning to play guitar, despite not owning a guitar to practice. Alexis comes in every Wednesday during my lunch break to practice on the guitars that Chatfield College purchased last year for students, and I am so proud of her efforts to learn to play. She is proof that, if a student is willing, there will be a way provided to succeed. Alexis’ grandmother is a pianist and her family has always had a great interest in music. Alexis is interested in playing all types of music with an emphasis in popular music.

Julian Montana Matthews has been playing drums almost his entire life. Montana’s interest in music came from his father who played both drum set and guitar. This is Montana’s first semester in guitar classes. Even though Montana is not playing guitar at Lessons and Carols, he has done a great job learning to play guitar in classes with me this semester. Montana is interested in playing all types of music with an emphasis on playing hard rock music. After he graduates from Chatfield, Montana hopes to someday come back and teach percussion at the college.

img_3492I am so thankful to all these students for all the hard work they have done to put together the music for Lesson and Carols. I am looking forward to Friday night.

Lessons and Carols will be held on Friday, December 2nd at 7pm in the Mongan Building located at the St. Martin campus in Brown County. A cookie and punch reception will follow the performance. Come out and show your support for these students and their hard work.

-Jamie Murrell, Guitar Instructor at Chatfield

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