Matching Gifts

Many companies match gifts from employees (and their spouses), board members, and retirees. These matches can double or triple the impact of a donor’s gift.

Matching Gifts Procedure:

  1. Obtain a matching gift form (or web address) from your HR department.
  2. Complete the matching gifts form and mail it to The Chatfield Edge with your donation. If matching registration is online, email the matching confirmation number to
  3. Your company will send the matching gift after The Chatfield Edge verifies your request.

The Chatfield Edge'sTax ID number is 31-0840764

Please mail completed matching forms to:
ATTN: Matching Gifts
The Chatfield Edge
20918 St. Rt. 251
St. Martin, OH 45118

Fax: 513-875-3912

The Chatfield Edge does not provide tax, legal, or financial advice. Any document or information shared by our staff is intended to be educational, including information on our website. The Chatfield Edge strongly encourages all our benefactors to seek counsel from their own legal and financial advisors. Any information or documents shared by The Chatfield Edge cannot be used to avoid tax-related penalties.

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