Faculty Profile – Kathy Broomall

June 20, 2019

Kathy Broomall is the Chair of Physical, Life, and Social Sciences at Chatfield College, where she is responsible for all science courses and programs at both the St. Martin and Over-the-Rhine campuses.

Kathy earned her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Northern Kentucky University and then earned her PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Medicine. While teaching at another school, Kathy had students in her class who had previously attended Chatfield. She observed that they were some of the best students in her class, so she became interested in Chatfield. Growing up in a Catholic school setting, she was familiar with Catholic traditions and became eager to learn more about Chatfield and its mission. Since joining the faculty, Kathy has found Chatfield to be a warm and inviting place and she has enjoyed every minute of working with fellow faculty and staff. She finds Chatfield students very receptive and willing to learn, and that makes her teaching very enjoyable.

Kathy explains, “I was educated by the Catholic school system, and I credit this for my academic success! I started my college teaching career more than 10 years ago, at Miami University, where I was mentored by senior professors in best teaching practices at the college level. I love helping students find their academic strength, and I love helping students discover what they are passionate about!”

Kathy enjoys time teaching and educating students on anatomy, biology, chemistry, and other allied health subjects. In addition to her time working directly with students, she loves talking about school and science outside of the classroom and is always looking for opportunities to discuss academia and what new and exciting things are happening at school. She has spent many years teaching science at other colleges including Miami University, UC Clermont, Xavier University, and Sinclair Community College.

During her time at Chatfield, Kathy has become not just an educator to her students, but a friend as well. She holds a special bond with 2018 graduate Sr. Marcelina Watua, from Tanzania. “I adored having Sr. Marcelina in my A & P courses as well as her independent study for the NCLEX Nursing exam that she was studying for last summer. If Sr. Marcelina needs help, I am there for her! She is actually more of a true ‘sister’ to me. I miss her tremendously,” Kathy said. Sr. Marcelina hopes to return to her home village in Tanzania as a nurse who can offer better health care to rural mothers and babies who have poor access to healthcare and clinics.

When asked about Chatfield, the word she used to best describe the overall environment and experience was ‘awesome’. Kathy really enjoys talking about Chatfield to others and learning more about other experiences from faculty and staff. She truly enjoys working with students in order to help them find what they are passionate about, and is excited to see how she can lead more students toward success.

When not cheerleading for Chatfield, Kathy enjoys time with her husband, Avi Milgram, and with her rescue animals including her two dogs, four cats, and two horses.

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