Chatfield Instructor Spotlight

September 27, 2016

Chatfield College Admissions is always reaching out to potential students. One such effort involved a group of high school students visiting the Cincinnati campus for information and a tour. On this particular day Admissions Counselor Sokoni Hughes took a very large group of students into the new science lab in which Dr. Bode Olakanmi was teaching Chemistry I. Sokoni asked if Dr. Bode could address the students. He agreed, beginning by asking how many students were interested in science? Several raised their hands and Dr. Olakanmi (generally called Dr. Bode by Chatfield students) explained that they were going to have to work hard to earn a science degree, but that the good thing was that the science degree will open up a lot more opportunities for them.

At this point he addressed all the other students filling up all available spaces in his lab and said that there seemed to be a lot of thinking these days that college was supposed to be all fun and games. He used sports athletes as examples as he asked if it looked like they were having fun out there? Many responded with a rousing positive response, to which he commented, go up and ask those athletes if it is all fun? They will tell you that there is a whole lot of really hard work that goes into preparing for sports competition, even if it does look like fun. He realized that he had the rapt attention of every single student in the lab. He then told them that if you want to accomplish something as important as a science degree that it requires a lot of hard work! He also told them that this was true for any goal or accomplishment, it takes a lot of hard work and they were going to have to study hard and work hard to reach their goals.

To his surprise, all present burst into spontaneous applause!! Unbeknownst to Dr. Bode, a teacher with the group had been hanging back observing the off the cuff presentation by Dr. Bode. It was then that the teacher chose to step forward and thanked Dr. Bode for his passionate and realistic presentation about what it takes to get a college degree. The crowd of students parted and a pathway opened to the door leading into the hallway outside. The teacher motioned for Dr. Bode to take his well earned exit out of the classroom as all broke into applause once again. When asked later how he felt about the treatment he received from the students and their teacher, he responded with “I was actually surprised that my message was that well received. It made my day.” Clearly Dr. Bode was in his element but he certainly did not expect such a response from the students he addressed.

Chatfield instructors have a passion for teaching, and Dr. Bode is one of the best examples. His passionate presentation was so well-received, that the next time a group from this high school visited Chatfield, they asked especially to meet the science teacher. He is a testament to the quality of Chatfield instructors.

-Jim Woodford, Science Chair

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