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Scholar Spotlight: Ethan Kirk

By Laura Arnold / May 15, 2024 /

As spring quickly turns to summer, resorts and amusement parks throughout the country will soon fill with families looking for fun in the sun. The people who staff those venues,…

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Scholar Spotlight: Kaylie Helton

By Laura Arnold / March 5, 2024 /

March is Oral Health Month, and we are excited to spotlight Chatfield Edge Scholar Kaylie Helton, who is on her way to becoming a dental hygienist. A lifelong resident of…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Amber Saeidi Asl

By Laura Arnold / February 14, 2024 /

Amber grew up in St. Martin, Ohio, in the shadows of Chatfield’s Brown County campus. As a child, she loved riding her bike along the campus’ tree-lined paths and served…

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Scholar Spotlight: Felicia Lee

By Laura Arnold / January 22, 2024 /

More than two decades after dropping out of school as a teenager, Felicia Lee headed back to the classroom to get her GED. At the age of 40, the mother…

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Scholar Spotlight: Anna Robertson

By Laura Arnold / December 7, 2023 /

National Day of the Horse is celebrated in the United States every December 13 but one of our Chatfield Edge scholars likely celebrates horses every day of the year. Meet…

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Student Spotlight: Jackie Schmidt

By Laura Arnold / October 9, 2023 /

As part of its mission, The Chatfield Edge endeavors to support non-traditional students. Jackie Schmidt, a current Chatfield Edge scholar, certainly fits in that category. Jackie grew up in Fayetteville…

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Student Story: Meet Arneqka Lester

By Carol / August 8, 2023 /

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start Arneqka Lester grew up on Cincinnati’s west side and knows her experience with high school will sound familiar to many students. That’s why she’s…

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Student Story – Pamala Hurley

By Carol / April 20, 2023 /

Pamala Hurley is not your typical college student. She graduated from high school in 1964 and decided to return to school at age 71 or 72 after her husband passed…

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Three common barriers that derail postsecondary education dreams

By Carol / March 4, 2023 /

We talk a lot about barriers to postsecondary education at The Chatfield Edge. That’s because we’ve experienced the impact of these barriers on students first-hand. Before launching The Chatfield Edge,…

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Scholar Spotlight: Ethan Kirk

As spring quickly turns to summer, resorts and amusement parks throughout the country will soon fill with families looking for fun in the sun. The people who staff those venues, including Chatfield Scholar Ethan Kirk, are already working behind the scenes to prepare for a busy summer.

Ethan is enrolled in the Resort and Attraction Management (RAAM) program at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). As a high school student, he attended Chatfield College and, upon graduation from Hillsboro High School in 2023, he was able to enter BGSU as a junior.

While the program can be done fully online, Ethan opted to attend classes at BGSU’s academic facility near Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. Last summer, he worked at the park as a paid intern, first in guest services and then in workforce management where he built schedules and balanced labor laws within the park.

Wanting to soak in as much learning as possible, he even opted to work on a few days he was scheduled to be off. “One day I spent eight hours breading chicken and another day I worked ten hours a drink refresh station!”

To help offset college expenses and to further his learning about the field, Ethan secured a job during the school year with Hilton. This summer, he will be doing a hotel operations internship with Cedar Point. Upon graduation next spring, Ethan hopes to work in a large-scale hotel resort somewhere in the United States.

Ethan recognizes that the support he receives from The Chatfield Edge is helping him pursue his education.

“I met with David Hesson [program director at The Chatfield Edge} at White’s Bakery last spring to talk about my plans,” he said. “David is now my mentor, and I can go to him with questions and he’s really excited to see what’s going on with me and my program.”

In addition to the guidance he receives, Ethan is also grateful for the scholarship funding provided by The Chatfield Edge. He is the recipient of the Ann E. Fender and Timothy Smith Scholarships. These close-the-gap scholarships are helping him pay for the extra costs of housing and textbooks.

“Without Chatfield’s support, it would be more difficult to finance my education,” he said. “I’m also grateful for the guidance I receive to navigate both school and life.”

The Chatfield Edge exists to support students like Ethan who want to gain success in life through education. If you or someone you know is a non-traditional or first-generation student looking to further your goals through college, trade school, or a certificate program, contact David Hesson at or 513-875-3344 ext. 115. When you are ready, we are here to help!

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