Alumni Profile- Beth Myers

December 6, 2018

Who says you can’t go home? Coming back to Chatfield as a staff member after graduating a few years prior felt like coming home to Beth Myers. Working as an admissions counselor at the Brown County campus, Beth has a unique perspective to share with students—because she’s been in their shoes.

Beth first attended Chatfield College as a College Credit Plus (CCP) student when she was a junior at Lynchburg High School. While given many choices to attend college for free while in high school courtesy of the CCP program, Beth knew she would choose Chatfield. She had also heard from a friend that Chatfield credits transferred easily to four-year colleges, and since Beth planned to continue her education, this was important to her. Aside from this, Beth had another reason for picking Chatfield.

“I had aunts, cousins, even sisters who had gone to Chatfield and loved it,” Beth said. “It’s kind of our family college.”

As a student at Chatfield, Beth excelled in her classes. She was inducted in both the Julia Chatfield Honor Society, an honors organization exclusive to Chatfield, and the national Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She even credits an English course at Chatfield that helped shape her future career plans of becoming a professor in the Communications field. In fact, one of her instructors also encouraged her to investigate Berea College for her four-year degree, because of its unique, tuition-free appeal and superb academics. Having already earned free college credit, and because financing college was important to Beth, she decided she would attend Berea after graduation. Just a week before graduating from her high school, Beth walked across the stage of Chatfield College’s graduation.

Looking forward to earning her bachelor’s degree, Beth said that the rigorous academic work at Chatfield prepared her to move on, and her writing alone was a step above her peers when she arrived at Berea. Unlike most students who had just graduated from high school, Beth already knew how life in college worked. She had mastered time management skills, the drive to complete her tasks on time, and knew how to make her own schedule.  At Berea, Beth worked as a residential advisor and helped plan events at her dorm. Performing as a top student once again, she was also inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society for Communication majors.

Graduating from Berea in 2018 with her Bachelor of Arts degree, Beth moved back home and worked a summer internship at American Modern Insurance. She knew she wanted to do something in education but wasn’t quite sure what that might be. Soon after, Beth stumbled upon a job opening in the admissions department at Chatfield College and immediately knew that was the position for her.

“I always knew I wanted to come back to Chatfield. I planned to come back to teach but starting in this position seemed like the perfect place to begin,” Beth said.

Beth was hired just three years after being a student herself.  Beth says that Chatfield still has the community feel she loved as a student, but she’s just on the other side of the coin. As a student, she always felt supported and encouraged, but she never realized everything that goes on behind the scenes in order to provide that support. Aside from her admissions job, Beth has also helped start a drama club for the students, because she knows how important it is to have other extra-curricular activities on campus to really help enrich the experience.

“I love walking out of my office and seeing students hanging out in the Welcome Center, because I can still see myself there. I feel like having been a student just like them, I have a unique position to really help guide the students and understand their needs, “Beth shares.

Looking back on her experience now, Beth is thankful for her experience as a CCP student at Chatfield.  This start eventually led her to Berea, and ultimately brought her back to Chatfield.

“I value the impact Chatfield made on my life and education, and it makes me excited to be in a position to help other students pursue their dreams, too.”

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