Year-end Giving

December 21, 2015

Year-End-2014I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.  With the close of 2015, each of us are faced with decisions concerning our charitable giving.  By now, most of you have received at least fifty or sixty requests for donations from charitable organizations, both locally and nationally.  If you are like me, I sort my mail by the recycle bin to save time and energy.  Why do organizations bombard you with requests at the end of the year?  The answer is simple.  Because it works, or at least the statistics say it does.  Nationally more than 70% of all gifts received come from individuals, people like you and me, not large corporations or foundations.

Why do people give at the end of the year?  This is a puzzling question.  Is it because they have an altruistic feeling with the spirit of the holidays and want to give back?  Is it for a year end tax deduction? Is it for some other reason?   Whatever your motivation we are grateful.

Are you more than 70 Years old? If so, have you considered making a tax free gift from your IRA to avoid any mandatory distribution requirements? If interested, please contact me at

At Chatfield, December is the month that we receive the greatest number of gifts, followed by October and then June.  If you have already made a gift to Chatfield this fiscal year (July 1, 2015 to Present), Thank you!   If you have not made a charitable gift this calendar year, please consider making one to your favorite organization(s), we hope Chatfield College is on your list.  Remember that no gift is too small and our students benefit from every dollar.  I can assure you that we are very good stewards of your generosity.

We offer multiple convenient options for you:

  1. Go to our secure website
  2. Mail in your gift to Chatfield College 20918 SR 251, St Martin OH 45118
  3. Contact me about a stock transfer (513)-875-3344 Ext. 117

Have a blessed holiday and a Merry Christmas!

Jim Ludwig, Director of Development

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